Donkey Walk

I try to take a walk everyday.  This particular day, as you can see, was a beautifully clear, blue sky, sort of day.  Perfect for taking out my sketchbook and mini-watercolor set.

Here are our neighbor’s houses and our neighbor donkey:

Doesn’t he have a such a beautifully shaped head and ears?  Pretty darned cute,
I have to say (and he’s not shy either).

Many folks around here grow apricot, cherry, pear and apple trees either as serious farmers or to supplement their incomes.  I’m looking forward to spring when all the hillsides are in full, fruit tree, bloom.

My sketch of the day:

A Walk to Arc de Triomphe

It took about 3 hrs to walk (briskly!) from Ile St. Louis, past the Louvre, up the Champs Elysees and to the Arc de Triumphe and back again.  It was gray and pretty cold, but totally worth it.  I wasn’t the only one out either.  Paris is clearly a constant tourist attraction no matter the season.  In fact, this is probably the perfect time to be here considering.