A Chateau & A Croissant

O.K., this might be a little confusing, but stick with me.  After the old-time weekend and then recording with Polo and Nadine I returned to the little cottage in Champtocé that I was sharing with Clara (which involved the same 45 minute trek from the little train stop). She had had a lovely, solitary week […]

Bal Folk

Bal Folk is the name for a traditional French dance gathering, often with live music.  The first time I met Joelle and Daniel was at a Bal Folk while I was still in Paris.  My then host, Dale, was brave and came with me though I’m not sure if he realized that we’d be whisked […]


Ok everybody.  Here we go.  Entry #1 of “Oh my gosh, Annie Fain’s actually in France” blog entries.  Though I normally keep blogging mostly art/business related the next succession of entries will have a more personal slant because I’m far, far from home and can’t help myself.  After all, it is a great way for […]