Jenny Mendes

I’m not sure I ever met Jenny officially, but I saw her from afar during one of my stints at Penland School of Crafts.  I remember loving her work and I just ran into her shop on etsy.  The following are examples of what she has for sale in her shop; “limited edition archival giclee prints of the original terra sigillata painting on a clay tile.” To see more of her work go to:

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Winning Smile and a Really Big Kiln

Josh Josh

Josh is a buddy of mine from the days of  old when we were baby art makers.  Since then, he’s grown up, completed various ceramics programs and has really “gone for it” in the world of hand-crafted pottery.  I think he’s destined to be a big success.  He’s got the drive (or the fire, as I like to say), he’s a natural networker, innovative in creating a community around craft and his work is awesome.

Bowl by Josh Lidded Jar By Josh Jar by Josh

What does all this have to do with books you say?  Well, it’s no secret that Josh is also an avid visual journaler.  He was having problems with stuffing machine made books too full of mixed media finds and popping the binding.  So, we came up with a Copus book design that would allow him to pack them good and full.

Below is an example of how crazy his journals where turning out before we modified the structure.  See what I mean! You could lay your head down and take a nap on this thing.

Big Ol' Fat Book Detail of Journal Page Detail of Journal Page Detail of Journal Page Detail of Journal Page

This is what we came up with; fewer pages and more substantial spaces between each signature.

Journals Before they are Filled Detail of Space Between the Signatures

Josh is a member of Clay Space Studios in the River Arts District here in Asheville, NC.  He is also participating in an upcoming show at the Blue Spiral called Fall Salon.  The opening is October 1st, 2009 and runs through December.

Flyer for Fall Salon