Bookmaking Gang

A couple of weeks ago I had 8 lovely book making enthusiasts take a Coptic Binding workshop from me in my home studio.  They were a unique group in that they were a gang of friends who had decided, over a year ago, that they would like to learn about making a book.  Amazingly, after much schedule finessing on their part, they gave me a call, we decided on dates and made it happen.  We had a great time.

IMG_5795 IMG_5788 IMG_5791

They were incredibly fast learners.  My job was as easy as cherry pie.

IMG_57873 IMG_5790 IMG_5794

And look how wonderfully their books turned out!

IMG_5798 IMG_5796 IMG_5793

P.S. No need to be thrown off by the foot on the book thing you see above.  It’s just what a person has to do when there aren’t enough weights to go around.  It’s a creative way to keep your danged book in place so it doesn’t leap off the table while you pull on it in the process of making a twine closure.  One of the many sacrifices you make for the sake of bookarts right? Right!

Bookbinder on Local TV

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by Ursula Gullow, producer of our local Art Seen Asheville cable tv slot, to participate in an upcoming episode. Her projects typically feature artists, musician, writers and performers of Asheville. Her theme for this project was needles and her chosen artists were a tattoo artist, a DJ and a bookbinder. Can you guess which one was me?

As you might expect I felt a little shy about diving into my first tv experience, but it was actually lots of fun (luckily my performer within kicked in and left my shy self in the dust). Ursula is herself a painter and very involved in the rich artist community here in Asheville. Her goal is to create a show that is sensitive to artists and produced in a down-to-earth style that’s meant to be engaging and informative. The result was just that.

To checkout the 8 minute “bookbinder” portion of the show:

*For the complete version, tattoos and all, go to:

*To find out more about Art Seen Asheville visit or write to [email protected]

*If you are curious about Ursula and her fabulous paintings check out