It has been so long!

Why, hello there!
It has been a good while since I have written last.  Those of you who know me personally, know that sooooooo, so many big changes have happened for me in the last year and a half since my big trip to France.  I will spare you the details, but to update you in a general way:

*I am back in France living in this house…

…with my French husband…

…8 months pregnant with my first baby…

That’s that for my personal life.  Now that I am way out here, making a new home with lots of fast changes I would like to start blogging again to keep connected.  With who?  With you!

But don’t worry.  I have no intention of making this blog about how oh-so-romantic it is to be living here or how oh-so-challenging it is to be pregnant and a new mother (though, of course, our daily lives are integral in our creative lives).  I am still painting, playing music, making books and exploring in general.  I still want to participate in the creative exchanges that happen via the net while far away from home.  How does that sound?

So…to be continued.


If you ever happen to find yourself in the Peachtree community, just outside of Murphy, North Carolina, and you see a sign that has a humorous looking sheep (his name is Maurice in case you were curious) balancing precariously on an unraveling ball of yarn you should definitely pop in.  Even if you are not a fiber and color addict you will be offered a cup of tea and, hey, they might even be having an old-time music jam session.  You never know what they’re up to at Yarn Circle.

I should let know here and now that I am somewhat biased about how wonderful Yarn Circle is.  Truth be told, it’s a shop run by my parents and some friends of theirs.  I think it’s just great!

They have what they call “The wall of color” from which you can select from an incredible array of yarns.

It doesn’t stop with yarns, needles, looms, spinning wheels and felting supplies.  They also have awesome hand puppets and even a few of my handmade books.

My dear mother, Martha Owen, has been a professional knitter, spinner, natural dyer and sheep raiser for the past 30 years.  She purchased her first sheep the year I was born.  Her name was MawMaw (tee hee) and she lived until I was 17, a pretty long time for a sheep eh?

Here is some of Mom’s work:  (She teaches regularly at the John C. Campbell Folkschool if you want to learn how to do this yourself.)

And finally, a picture of herself wearing a hand-knit, Fair Isle sweater from her travels:

Emolyn Knits

My dear little sister (she’s not that little any more) has created her own blog called, Emolyn Knits: Handmade, Custom Designed Knitwear.  She is an up-and-coming, second generation knit garment designer and her work is lovley! (We grew up on a small sheep farm with a mother whose profession is spinning, knitting and natural dying; clearly it rubbed off on Emolyn)

This last year she’s been taking on some pretty large projects; the most intensive being a custom-fit knitted dress with a hood.

Jessica's Dress #1 Jessica's Dress #2 Jessica's Dress #3 Jessica's Dress #4

As many of you artists out there understand, sometimes it takes a while before your destined craft form finds you.  This appears to be it for her.  It’s a wonderful thing to see.

Hat for Steven Top of Steven's Hat

You may run into her knitting away on the subway in NYC.  If you do, tell her howdy from her big sis.

Subway Knitter Herself again Herself at Yarn Circle

A Quick Introduction

Detail of Moth Cigar Tin BookOdds and EndsMulti-Needle Coptic Binding Close-up

Welcome to A. Fain Books and my very first blog entry ever. This will be the place to find out about upcoming workshops, stories and images of good times had in past workshops, art and book related events, to answer bookmaking questions, as well as to reflect on the overall ups and downs of my works in progress and running a small home-made business. My intention for this blog is to be informative and supportive of you as a customer or interested bookmaker, not as an outlet for personal journaling. Check back regulalry to see what’s up and feel free to get in touch anytime.