Wedding Expo

A big part of running your own small business is experimenting with different venues and modes for marketing your product.  For artists and crafters there are many options: craft shows, galleries, teaching, online etsy shops etc.  I started this year with one of my bigger experiments; to solidify my line of wedding books and to […]

Book Restoration

It’s been almost a year now that I started apprenticing and working for a wonderful traditional bookbinder and restoration queen, Dea Sasso.  I have learned soooo much from her, both about books and life.  We have wonderful days in her bindery, in the basement of her home in West Asheville drinking tea, sharing dreams and, […]

Bookbinder on Local TV

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by Ursula Gullow, producer of our local Art Seen Asheville cable tv slot, to participate in an upcoming episode. Her projects typically feature artists, musician, writers and performers of Asheville. Her theme for this project was needles and her chosen artists were a tattoo artist, a DJ […]

Book Sewing Circles

Our monthly Sewing Circles are a relatively new addition to our home studio gatherings and workshops. Though we are sewing books the idea is similar in sentiment to a bunch of ladies gathering around to hand-stitch a quilt (of course men are invited too). We typically meet in my home studio the first Monday evening […]