Into the Alpes: Art Makers

Since I am on the search for artists as well as musicians and dancers, I was happy to come upon Miene Mathon and Alexis Nouailhat while visiting Aime. They were both incredibly generous, inviting me to their homes (Meine gave me lovely tea and berry pie and Alexis had me for lunch with his family) […]

Into the Alpes: Chaillol

From Grenoble I took a bus to St. Bonnet where I was met by my next host, Aime (sitting to the right in the picture below), who lives in a small village near a ski station called Chaillol.  I had met Aimie once before because he is a good friend of Joelle and Daniel’s.  I […]

Into the Alpes: Grenoble

If you have been following my trip right along, you already know that I have been incredibly lucky in my search for musicians, artists, dancers and creative-livers to visit.  I was lucky, once again, when I met Phillipe and his family at the festival Boulegan l’Ostal. He joined one of our jam sessions with his […]

Festival #2: La Motte en Provence

The weekend after the festival, Boulegan l’Ostal, we packed it up again and drove south to La Motte en Provence.  This exact dance weekend had been recommended to me before I even set foot in France.  However, between not having a car and the cost of entry I wasn’t sure how I was going to […]

French Food Intermission!

Howdy there!  I think it’s time for a short intermission to continue to honor the crazy-good food here.  Festival #2 will be next time. NOTE: If you receive these entries via email and you were unable to view the videos in the last post you can go to this link: to see it directly […]