Cajun tunes in Ardèche!

La Gang du Quêteux is a Cajun group from Ardèche made up of some old friends of Geraud’s and new friends of mine.  And guess what!?  They have a new CD hot off the press!  Here is a fun, short video made for the project.  If you are interested in a copy of the CD email, Valerie at [email protected]

Here is the video link in case of viewing troubles:

BookArts Retreat at Chateau du Pin


Come to the Loire Valley (in France!!!) this July and make books and mini-prints with yours truly and Laurie Corral of Asheville Bookworks. This heavenly 9-day workshop will be given at the Chateau du Pin, a half hour drive from Anger, and includes everything from creative guidance, sleeping in a castle, lovely five course meals every evening and ample quiet time for contemplation and daily walks.  What more could you ask for!

(Laurie and I are soooo excited!! Thanks for having us Peg and David!)

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PRINTMAKING AND BOOKARTS with Laurie Corral and Annie Fain Liden
July 23-31, 2010 | $2,500 9 day workshop (includes lodging, breakfast and dinner)

In this workshop, we’ll be explorers of Le Pin, using the gardens, woodlands, vineyards and castle as inspiration for miniature prints and hand made books. Students will climb through the centuries; photographing gargoyles, recording textures, sketching and abstracting ideas for images suitable for printing. Mini prints can be created as individual works and/or integrated into hand made books with a distinctive point of view. Studio investigations will also include stitching, working with collage and paint, antique french papers and fabrics and various book bindings. Come explore the extraordinary and exotic! All levels welcome. College credit available.

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To register or for more information contact Peg Gignoux/David Summer at [email protected]

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Seraphine de Senlis

I recently went to the Fine Arts Theater to see the new film Seraphine based on the true story of the life of a French house keeper and painter. (Click on images below to make them larger)

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Though it wasn’t a high-action drama or heartbreaking love story I was totally sucked in.   I think I was most inspired by how she absolutely could not ignore her passion for painting.  Even in really hard times she chose to spend her money on supplies for her art rather than food or coal.   I agree that it’s a little extreme, but the result was truly amazing. (Keep in mind that these paintings were pretty large, almost as tall as her.)

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She was discovered in 1912 by Wilhelm Uhde, a German art critic and collector (first buyer of Picasso and Rousseau!).  She was working for him as his maid at the time.  You’ll have to see the movie to find out the rest, of course.

To learn more about her go to:

To watch the trailer for the movie go to:

Jenny Mendes

I’m not sure I ever met Jenny officially, but I saw her from afar during one of my stints at Penland School of Crafts.  I remember loving her work and I just ran into her shop on etsy.  The following are examples of what she has for sale in her shop; “limited edition archival giclee prints of the original terra sigillata painting on a clay tile.” To see more of her work go to:

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