What’s hoppin’ at A. Fain Books’ Etsy Shop?

Here’s a quick look at some of what I’ve been working on here in the studio lately.  Most all of it is available from my etsy shop: www.afainbooks.etsy.com

James' Giant Peach IMG_5460 IMG_5463

Out to Sea Sketchbook and Bag IMG_5648 IMG_5645-1

Mini Butterfly Journal IMG_5708 IMG_5707

Eco Books

Lark Books has recently come out with a new book called Eco Books: Inventive Projects from the Recycling Bin put together by Terry Taylor.  It’s totally great, simple as that.  Each project is by a different book artist, many of which are local to Western North Carolina (I happen to be one of them, but I prooooomise I’m not saying any of this because I’m biased in any way).  You’ll find projects made of everything from egg cartons to cassette tapes.

Eco Books 9781600593949L1Eco Books

Here are a few images of the book I made for Eco Books:

IMG_4132 Annie-Fain-1 Annie-Fain-2

I took two hand embroidered pieces I had found in a thrift store (I had to peel them away from the backing that held them in their tacky wooden frames) and hand-stitched with black thread around the bunches of lemons and oranges to make the images “pop” more.  Then I made  book board for my covers by laminating layers of recycled cereal boxes that I then encased with my altered, vintage fabrics.

Annie-Fain-3 Annie-Fain-4

I decided to make the book a dos-a-dos (two books that share the same back cover) because I had two fabric pieces.  I used 100% recycled Classic Laid text paper, stained the edges with walnut dye I made myself and bound the book with multi-needle Coptic Binding.

Annie-Fain-5 IMG_4162 IMG_4155

I made twine (with two contrasting colors so that it would look striped) to be wrapped around a vintage button each to create closures for the front and back of the book.

IMG_4151 IMG_4158

Check it out at your local independent bookstore (that would be good ol’  Malaprops here in Asheville).

Mini-Stocking Stuffers

Here’s a little taste of my new set of miniature journals.   I made them for my first time exhibiting at the Craft Fair for the Southern Highland Craft Guild.  I had stocking-stuffers in mind, though using walnut dye to stain the covers tones them down a bit.  They don’t necessarily have a  cheery holiday “look,”  but hey, just like any gift, it just needs to be matched with the right person.  Right? Right!  They’ll be available one by one over the next week in my etsy shop.

Button Pattern Miniature JournalIMG_5717IMG_5718Daffodil Field

Horses for You Miniature JournalBlue Butterfly MiniatureCollect them all!Collect them all!

Miniature Books

Did you know: “Miniature books, most of which are less than three inches tall and some of which are smaller than a penny, have delighted readers for centuries. Popular because they were easily carried or concealed, these historic books range from tiny “Thumb Bibles” to illustrated nursery rhymes.”   4000 years of Miniature Books, Lily Library.

Addresses of Abraham Lincoln

Ever heard for the  mini-book society?

As Small as A Penny

Little Red Book

Mini Alphabet Book

An Alphabet Book by Nancy Chandler Edwards


Mini-Books are soooo fun to make. I’m a little bit addicted.  Here are a few:

Mini-Books By Annie Fain

Checkout Lost Button Studio’s easy to follow directions and templates to make your own.

Lost Button Studios

Mini-Address Books on Etsy

I’ve had a great time coming up with a design for these mini-address books that are now for sale from my Etsy shop.  They are about the size of a cell phone and fit perfectly in your back pocket or the palm of your hand.

For you bookmakers out there; I took the already printed address book text blocks (from Paper Source), attached decorative paper end pages with a chain stitch along the spine, made mini-covers and assembled all the pieces.  Then because it would be both cute and functional I added simple button and wrap around closures.

Check ’em out: www.afainbooks.etsy.com

Opened Mini-Adress Book Detail of Address Book Pages Decorative Paper Endpages

Retro Hotpink Address Book Inside of Retro Hot Pink Blue Cloud Address Book

Address Book Spines Detail of Address Book Page