Do you remember the woman, Cathi, who I met at the festival La Motte en Provence?  The one who called American contra and square dances (in French of course)?  She is a dear friend of, not only Polo and Nadine, but of Philippe who I visited in Grenoble.  After she and I hit it off so well at La Motte she called and invited me to visit her at her home near a pre-Roman town called Sisteron.

In the picture above you can see how the rock formations create a sort of gateway.  A 13th-17th citadel is on the hill to the left and a rare rock formation, where people come from far and wide to rock climb, is to the right.   It’s also on the route for Le Tour de France (kind of a pain-in-the-butt for locals).  Cathi says it marks the passage from the Alpes and to Provence, hence being a perfect stop after my visit with Aime.

I was enamored with this walk-through from old town to new town.  The little sign hanging to the right is for a bakery of artisan bread.  They don’t even have a store front, you just peek your head through the front door and they come to sell you bread fresh out of the wood-fired oven.

Below is Valerna, the little village near Sisterone where Cathi and her daughter Julie live.

Cathi is a fiddle player.  She started with Irish and traditional French music and then fell in love with Appalachian Old-Time after meeting Polo and Nadine.  So, of course, we played some tunes together….

Went on some beautiful walks…

And went to the market…Mmm…Strawberries…