Emolyn Knits

My dear little sister (she’s not that little any more) has created her own blog called, Emolyn Knits: Handmade, Custom Designed Knitwear.  She is an up-and-coming, second generation knit garment designer and her work is lovley! (We grew up on a small sheep farm with a mother whose profession is spinning, knitting and natural dying; clearly it rubbed off on Emolyn)

This last year she’s been taking on some pretty large projects; the most intensive being a custom-fit knitted dress with a hood.

Jessica's Dress #1 Jessica's Dress #2 Jessica's Dress #3 Jessica's Dress #4

As many of you artists out there understand, sometimes it takes a while before your destined craft form finds you.  This appears to be it for her.  It’s a wonderful thing to see.

Hat for Steven Top of Steven's Hat

You may run into her knitting away on the subway in NYC.  If you do, tell her howdy from her big sis.

Subway Knitter Herself again Herself at Yarn Circle