I’m still new to cracking the Etsy Code: consistent, frequent sales and a solid customer following.  Though I know to list my products often and have been making sales right along it sometimes feels that some “savvy” sellers are in on a big secret that I’m not.  Is it good photographs? Networking within the Etsy community?  Fancy packaging? A particular price point?  Text block and cover kits for Coptic book structures are my best sellers thus far.  However, just yesterday, I sold a $250 hand-embroidered book custom fit to an altered box.  You never know!

Text Block and Cover KitBird Watcher's Treasure BoxHand Stitched Front Cover

My marketing mentor, fellow bookbinder and blogger Book Girl shared this lovely new e-book by Dot Creations with me a few days ago.  It’s full of great advice collected fron 30 Etsy sellers.  Aaaannnd IT’S FREE! All she asks is that you share it with others, so here you go: Download Secrets of Savvy Etsy Sellers Good Luck!

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